Why Working With A Local Independent Florida Insurance Agency Can Help You Save Money & Time

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Are you in the market for a South Florida home or condo? Perhaps shopping for a new/used car for yourself or a loved one? Maybe it’s time to renew your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. Situations such as these require some additional decision-making on your part—namely, insurance, and how best to protect said investment.

Prior to purchasing your investment, be sure to factor in any and all insurance-related costs in order to calculate with accuracy your annual expenditures in connection with the same. And know this: A little insurance homework generates a lot of cash savings—if you do your homework correctly, that is.

The simplest way to perform insurance “homework” is to contact your local South Florida independent insurance agent. Yes, it’s that simple. Because unlike some well-known, largely recognized companies offering only one or two companies from which to choose, independent insurance agents represent a multitude of companies for consumer/business protection. It just doesn’t get simpler than that!

One telephone call to your local Florida independent insurance agency and you will soon recognize the many immediate benefits you will derive from doing the same. First and foremost, you won’t have to tie up a large portion of your day making numerous phone calls and playing telephone tag with various agents all the while explaining over and over again what you are seeking. What’s more, you will instantly eliminate the need to answer a seemingly endless barrage of questions over and over again, thus tremendously reducing your time—and frustration levels!

For example, let’s say you are seeking a Florida homeowner’s policy quote for your new home or existing home. In order to obtain an accurate quote for your consideration, many questions will be addressed that in turn require precise, lengthy and detailed answers and/or explanations from you. Although the home’s date of construction, construction material and address are usually simplistic to answer, any and all fully detailed features—and fully detailed updates, if any, as well as other factors such as the home’s precise location information (its proximity to coastal waters, local fire stations, fire hydrants, etc.) and detailed hurricane protection devices (year of installation, material type(s), certificate dates and the like, if any), all add up to repetitive, time-consuming conversations. Don’t let this happen to you!  Call your local Florida independent insurance agency today or drop us a call back request and let them do the work for you. You—and your wallet—will be glad you did.