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Homeowners Policies & Jewelry

Are you a homeowner who owns valuable jewelry? If so, do you have it properly insured? If not, you should! The first step one may take is to contact your local homeowner’s insurance agency in Fort Lauderdale for a free quote.

First and foremost, it is important to note that limitations on certain personal items often exist. For example, one homeowner’s insurance company policy may cover $1,500 or more for all jewelry if a theft should take place, while other companies may seek specific deductibles in the unfortunate event of a theft. Firearms, stamps, furs, coins and silverware are other items in addition to jewelry which you may also want to schedule on your homeowner’s policy. For additional information, be sure to read the section of your homeowner’s policy regarding your contents and additional coverages.

If you have an expensive article of jewelry to insure, consult with your agent regarding scheduling the specific item with the addition of a rider to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Note that it is usual and customary to have a written appraisal of the item obtained in order to insure the same. Said written appraisal should be dated no more than two years from the time you are seeking coverage. Be sure to ask your homeowner’s insurance agent if this is a mandatory requirement.

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