Defend Your Florida Home Against Burglaries And Home Invasions

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If you were anywhere near a television in June 2016, you likely saw this graphic video of a horrifying  home invasion broadcast repeatedly on national news programs. It’s the stuff of nightmares, and unfortunately, according to the FBI, these violent break-ins—and less violent burglaries—are not as uncommon as you may think. Nearly 50,000 “robberies within residences” [...]

Florida Home Insurance

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Florida Home Insurance Quotes If you live in Florida, you know that one of our largest costs of living is insurance, especially home insurance. Protecting your property is not just about finding a low price, it’s also about getting great coverage to protect one of your largest assets. Many agents will sell you a policy with [...]

Insurance Exclusions – Home, Auto & Business

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Insurance Exclusions There Is A Reason It’s Not Covered Every insurance policy has a section popularly known as “the fine print,” though its actual title is “Exclusions.” Exclusions are provisions in an insurance policy describing losses that the policy will not cover. For example, a homeowner’s policy does not cover losses caused by the use of [...]