Auto Insurance Discounts For Teens

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Have a Teen Driver at Home ? Just Call Insurance Authority Today ! Adding Teen Drivers without Breaking the Bank For many parents, adding a teen driver to an existing auto insurance policy may prove costly. After all, insurance companies generally categorize teens as high-risk drivers due to factors such as inexperience behind the wheel, for [...]

Choosing Car Insurance in Florida Tips

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Car Insurance 101 Insurance Authority Inc Obviously, no driver can afford to be without automobile insurance.  But how do you calculate just how much Florida auto insurance coverage you really need?  Today, most states require that all drivers purchase car insurance, and in states where coverage is mandated, there is usually a minimum coverage threshold that [...]

How To Select Auto Insurance Deductibles

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Ideas on How To Select Auto Insurance Deductibles in Florida While almost everyone would like to save money on their auto insurance, as the old saying goes, it can often prove penny smart, pound foolish. For example, did you know that the dollar value you determine for your comprehensive and collision deductibles is one of the [...]

Free Auto Insurance Quotes in Fort Lauderdale

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Get Your Free Auto Insurance Quote Today ! Insurance Authority - Call Today Your car’s performance relies on a program of regularly scheduled maintenance, and so should your car insurance. Just as your vehicle requires periodic tune-ups in order to operate safely and efficiently, your auto insurance also needs to be periodically reviewed to ensure continuity [...]

Do I have to Buy Fort Lauderdale, Florida Flood Insurance?

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Not sure if you need Flood Insurance ? Insurance Authority, Flood Insurance Experts Can Help! If you have ever wondered why a separate flood insurance policy is required for your Fort Lauderdale, Florida property, you are not alone. “But we already maintain a homeowner’s policy!” is a statement that many Florida independent homeowner’s insurance agents hear, time [...]

Free Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Fort Lauderdale

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Insurance Authority - Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Fort Lauderdale Homeowners Policies & Jewelry Are you a homeowner who owns valuable jewelry? If so, do you have it properly insured? If not, you should! The first step one may take is to contact your local homeowner’s insurance agency in Fort Lauderdale for a free quote. First and [...]

Car Insurance Discounts and Savings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Not Sure What Car InsuranceDiscounts You Qualify For ? Call The Experts at Insurance Authority Changing Driving Habits May Lead to Auto Insurance Savings When prices are high at the tank, many Americans follow suit by driving less in order to save money on gas. Options such as carpooling and public transportation become desirable alternatives during times [...]

Local Independent Florida Insurance Agencies Make it Easy to Get Insurance

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Why Working With A Local Independent Florida Insurance Agency Can Help You Save Money & Time Insurance Authority Can Help:  1-800-298-1783 -  954-874-8022 Are you in the market for a South Florida home or condo? Perhaps shopping for a new/used car for yourself or a loved one? Maybe it’s time to renew your Florida homeowner’s insurance policy. Situations [...]

How To Choose The Right Insurance Deductibles in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Selecting Deductibles for Fort Lauderdale, Florida Insurance Policies Insurance Authority Makes It Easy ! Florida residents in particular should fully comprehend the importance of selecting appropriate insurance deductibles prior to obtaining Florida insurance policies. Why? Because what you may not know, your pocketbook may find out—the hard way—in the unfortunate event of a claim. More often than not, surprises are [...]

How To Protect Your Florida Home Room by Room

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Protecting your Florida Home – Room-by-Room Florida Home Insurance Tips: In true Floridian fashion, should a threatening storm be steering your way, you take notice—and precautions! We have all witnessed the devastation and catastrophic destruction from various storms of recent, with many of us experiencing consequences of the same first-hand through the likes of Hurricanes Andrew, [...]