Steps To Take After An Auto Accident In Florida

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Not Sure What To Do In An Auto Accident ? Auto accidents on America’s busy roadways—from minor fender-benders to fatal pile-ups—are more common than you may imagine. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,387,000 passenger vehicles were involved in police-reported traffic crashes in 2012. More than 35,000 of these vehicles were involved in [...]

Top 4 Causes Of Florida – Summer Car Breakdowns

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Top 4 Causes of  Florida – Summer Car Breakdowns Car breakdowns during the months of summer in Florida are a common phenomenon and most people have been forced to endure the discomforting heat as they wait for help to come following an emergency breakdown. What is not known to many is that most of the breakdowns [...]

Insurance Exclusions – Home, Auto & Business

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Insurance Exclusions There Is A Reason It’s Not Covered Every insurance policy has a section popularly known as “the fine print,” though its actual title is “Exclusions.” Exclusions are provisions in an insurance policy describing losses that the policy will not cover. For example, a homeowner’s policy does not cover losses caused by the use of [...]