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Changing Driving Habits May Lead to Auto Insurance Savings
When prices are high at the tank, many Americans follow suit by driving less in order to save money on gas. Options such as carpooling and public transportation become desirable alternatives during times such as these. But did you know that decreasing the time you spend in your car may equate to additional savings? That’s right. Driving less may result in car insurance discounts/savings. So if you have cut back on your driving habits, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance agent for any and all savings options.
First and foremost, if you do utilize public transportation and/or car pools, be sure to inform your Ft. Lauderdale insurance agent of the same. As previously mentioned, reducing the number of miles driven each week may lower your auto insurance premiums.
In addition, some insurance companies offer low mileage discounts to motorists who drive fewer than 7,000 miles a year. Even though insurance companies calculate rates differently, they all consider how many miles a motorist drives daily. Why? Because studies have proven that accident risk does, in fact, increase the more time you spend behind the wheel.
It is important to note, however, that decreasing the risk of accidents isn’t the only cost reduction potential. A motorist who drops from the average of 15,000 miles driven per year to 8,000 miles could qualify for a 5 percent premium discount, for example, while a driver who decreases his/her miles from 15,000 miles per year to 5,000 per year may possibly receive a 15 percent discount. Your insurance carrier may ask for an annual odometer reading to calculate annual mileage.
Lastly, additional ways to save money on auto insurance rates are also noted by the Insurance Information Institute. SUV and truck owners who exchange their vehicles for more fuel-efficient autos may also be eligible for cost savings. Premiums are often lowered for $30,000 mid-sized sedans as opposed to larger, $60,000 SUVs. Note that a vehicle’s sticker price, the cost to repair the same, the vehicle’s safety record and current theft statistics represent key rate determination factors.
Lastly, drivers may also lower auto insurance premium costs through the selection of higher deductibles, maintenance of good credit ratings and/or elimination of unnecessary coverages. Multi-discounts may also be applicable so be sure to consult with your independent auto insurance agent for these and other discount options.

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